Long Term Policy for the Archive and Storage of HeinOnline, Microforms & Print Material

Company Info
Miranda Rosati

The Hein Company has scanned thousands of old and rare books that cannot be disbound for scanning. Our custom software and scanners allow rare books to be imaged and formatted for HeinOnline, converted to a microform format, or reproduced back to acid free volumes to replicate the originals.  The original books are then returned to the lending libraries.

As a company, we have made provisions to have safe and secure storage environments, as it would be impossible and unreasonable to place old and rare books in dark archive storage.

Our storage policy is to have multiple copies of HeinOnline and microforms in various locations in different cities for protection against an accident or natural disaster.

Click here to view our policies for digital content storage, microform storage, and the storage of original print materials.

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