HeinOnline Tip of the Day: Utilize the One-Box Search

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Miranda Rosati

Our latest enhancement to HeinOnline is the One-Box Search option presented on the HeinOnline Welcome page. This search box allows you to search across all your subscribed libraries at the same time and acts as an advanced search box. 

 This search box is great to begin your research with if you are not sure which collection the information you are looking for may be in. 

Let’s look at an example:

Recently there has been the unraveling of one of the major cost-savings benefits of Obamacare, the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program, or CLASS, which was to operate like a private insurance program collecting premiums upfront to pay later for long-term care. 

If we were to use the one-box search to search for material related to CLASS our search would look like the following:

“CLASS Act” OR “Community Living Assistance Services and Supports”

SEARCH TIP: you may be wondering why we didn’t just enter “CLASS” If we were to redo this search with just CLASS rather than class act, it would generate over 90,000 results because the term “Class” is a very general term, and using it with the OR operator tells the search to search for either term in our query. Adding another key term to class, like “act” will help focus our results. The tip I always share is, if the subject or topic you are researching can be referred to in different ways, include that in the search.

In this case, it is often referred to as the CLASS Act, or the official name “Community Living Assistance Services and Supports” Act. By using “OR” we are telling our search to return results that contain either variation.

Your results will display facets, which will allow you to narrow your results to collection, date, or section type. 

Remember, the one box search is essentially an advanced search box, so you can utilize the advanced search syntax. Click here to view the Advanced Search Syntax Guide.


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