American Enterprise Institute (AEI)


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  • Publications from the most prominent think tank associated with American neoconservatism committed to strengthening the free enterprise system in America
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The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) was founded in 1938 for the purpose of “bringing about a greater public knowledge and understanding of the social and economic advantages accruing to the American people through the maintenance of the system of free, competitive enterprise.” A public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C., AEI scholars conduct original research that advocates for free enterprise and focuses on the world economy, U.S. foreign policy and international security, and domestic political and social issues. AEI is an independent institution that is not affiliated with any political party; it is governed by a board of trustees composed of business and financial executives, and their work is funded by donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals. Its scholars operate independently, and while their work may take positions on or advocate certain positions or legislation, AEI takes no institutional positions on policy issues.


This database brings AEI’s collection of scholarship to HeinOnline’s fully searchable image-based format. Unique to this collection is the ability to search by Policy Area, a subject identifier assigned by AEI to each of its publications, which organizes their works into the following areas: economics, foreign and defense policy, society and culture, health care, politics and public opinion, poverty studies, and education; additional Policy Areas within each of these main categories further organize publications into more specific areas of scope. Browse titles in HeinOnline by Policy Area or use the facets under Refine Your Search to limit search results. Easily search the full text of all publications, including titles that have not yet been released by the AEI. We will update the database regularly with new content, and will also be releasing nearly 400 archived documents.


Within the American Enterprise Institute database, users have the ability to browse a collection by title, author, or date. Additionally, unique to this database is the ability to browse titles by Policy Area. The American Enterprise Institute applies one or more policy areas to each title its scholars publish, and those assignments have been preserved in HeinOnline.

The following Policy Areas are available:

  • Asia
  • China
  • Defense Policy
  • Domestic Policy
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Education Policy
  • Europe
  • Foreign and Defense Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Health Care
  • Higher Education
  • India
  • K-12 Education
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Politics and Public Opinion
  • Poverty
  • Society and Culture
  • Technology Policy

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