New Title Lookup Feature – Coming Soon!

Shane Marmion

At the American Association of Law Libraries meeting in New Orleans this past July we demonstrated a new HeinOnline feature called “Title Lookup.” This new feature will be available to all HeinOnline users later this week!

Title Lookup will give you the ability to easily locate titles in HeinOnline. Currently with over 3,000 titles in over 25 libraries, it can be difficult to determine which titles reside in which collections.

You can use Title Lookup to locate a title anywhere in HeinOnline or you can use it to locate a title in a specific HeinOnline library. Title Lookup is available on the HeinOnline “Welcome” page and in each HeinOnline library. The HeinOnline welcome page is the page you are brought to where you see the HeinOnline libraries you are subscribed to. (See below)

In this Title Lookup box you can enter any term you wish to search. Surrounding terms with ” ” will perform a phrase search. For this example, entering the term “constitutional law” will return a list of titles that include the term “constitutional law,” along with the collection each title may be available in. (Screen shot below.)

If you choose a title from the results list, it will take you to that title within the main collection where it resides. If you choose one of the collection names, it will take you to the main listing of titles within that collection.

The other location for the title lookup feature will be as an options tab that will reside either next to the “Citation Navigator” option tab or the “Search” option tab. (See screen shot below.)

The Title Lookup from within a collection will perform the same action with the difference being that you can limit your search to just the collection you are in, or choose the second option to search across all collections.

In this example, I am going to enter the term “Buffalo” within “this collection” which is the Law Journal Library. Immediately, I am given the results list containing six journal titles that contain the term “Buffalo.”

The Title Lookup option will be available to all HeinOnline subscribers and is available in all collections. Look for this new feature later this week with our September content release containing over 1,100,000 pages and the new Foreign Relations of the United States collection.

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