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How do I print a screen in HeinOnline that is not an image-based page?

Here’s a tip on how to optimize your printing results when you are printing a screen within HeinOnline that is not a PDF or image-based page from within a title. There could be several scenarios in which you may wish to print a page that is not image-based. Some examples include, printing the volume contents within a title from the index page, printing a title’s table of contents, printing search results, or printing out your search history for later reference.

To print a page or screen that is not image-based, click on the printer friendly button in the top right corner of the screen. This will modify the screen to make it suitable for printing. Remember to turn off the printer friendly setting after you have printed by simply clicking the button again.

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you can preview how your print results will appear by right clicking your mouse and selecting print preview. If the preview screen displays all the results in a readable format, your screen is ready to print. If the preview only shows results on the left margin of the page, close the preview, and click on the printer friendly button. Then preview the page again, and the results should appear suitable for printing.

Firefox users can print preview by selecting Print Preview under File on the broswer menu bar. If you are using other browser types, follow the instructions for print preview as are provided by the browser application.

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