Key Word Search added to English Reports Collection

HeinOnline Blogger

After receiving customer feedback, we’ve expanded the search options available on the English Reports collection home page. Where you previously could search by case name, citation or nomitative citation, we’ve now added the ability to search using key word(s). This option functions just like the simple search found on the search menu in other libraries in HeinOnline. If more than one word is entered, all terms are logically paired with the AND operator. This search function will query the Nominative Citation, Case Name (title) and the text. Search results will be sorted by relevancy to the search term(s) entered. For example, if I am unsure of the exact case name about the Saunders case, I can enter Saunders into the box, select Key Word Search and click locate.

The results return both the English Reports and Nominative citations as well as the cases where Saunders can be found.

For more details regarding general searching in HeinOnline, visit the About Searching section from the search menu in any library.

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