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We would like to extend a note of gratitude to Phil Berwick from Washington University St. Louis for his input regarding the new U.S. Congressional Documents page locator feature. Based upon his recommendation, we are adding an additional tool that will allow you to quickly locate a page from the Congressional Record Daily within the Bound Volume. This tool will be available under Collection Resources to all subscribers of the U.S. Congressional Documents collection.

You will be able to locate the corresponding page in the Congressional Record Bound Volume by selecting a date or using a citation from the Congressional Record Daily. With the initial release, this tool will provide coverage between 1994-2003 and we are committed to take it as far back as necessary.

If you input a date as the selection, the results will be broken out by Chamber. Within the results window, you will be able to view the citation for the Daily and Bound Volumes, each of which is an active link to the page.

You may also locate the corresponding page by entering a citation from either the Daily or the Bound Volume. This will show the corresponding citation for that exact page.

You will be able to conduct a word or phrase search from within the selected proceeding, which will compare the search results found in the Daily Volume to the Bound Volume. The results will be listed side by side for an easy comparison. In this example, we searched for the phrase “general mining laws” within the Senate proceedings on Tuesday, January 7, 2003. Below are how the results will appear.

This tool will be available to all U.S. Congressional Documents Subscribers. Look for this new feature later this year!

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