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Navigate quickly between cited material in HeinOnline

Maximize your research time and cross reference various titles in HeinOnline by using the “Citations on Page” feature in the page toolbar. With this feature, HeinOnline connects more than 16 million pages of Law Journals allowing for an integrated research approach. It also brings together the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations and Statutes at Large; as well as other material in HeinOnline.

When browsing a title in HeinOnline, select the “Citations on Page” option from the page toolbar at any time when viewing a page. This will look for all citations in the text of the page that you are viewing and highlight the citations in blue. If the cited material is available in HeinOnline, the citation will contain a direct link to the page allowing you to jump to the cited material with the click of a mouse.

For example, from within volume 115, page 119 in the Yale Law Journal, there are citations to 4 other Law Journals. If you click on the “Citations on Page” option, each of these citations will be highlighted in blue. The 4 Law Journals cited are available in HeinOnline, therefore you can click on any of the citations and it will link you directly to the cited page.

This feature allows you to quickly cross-reference multiple titles in HeinOnline reducing the amount of time it would take to search for each citation in each corresponding library.

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