HeinOnline’s Tip of the Week: Bookmark or link to a specific page

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While some of you often link to a title, others of you may find the need to link to a specific page found within a title. It’s important to begin this tip by explaining that when you are browsing within a title in HeinOnline and use the page forward/backward arrows on the page toolbar, or link to another page from the table of contents, the URL does not update automatically with each page you view. Therefore, to create a bookmark to a page or get the permanent URL to the page, you have to click on the Permanent Page Link icon found in the page toolbar.

When clicking on the Permanent Page Link icon, the browser address bar will be updated with the specific URL to the page you are viewing. You may then copy and paste the URL into whatever application you need or choose to bookmark the page within your Internet browser. To bookmark the page, you have to follow your browser’s standard bookmarking procedures. For example, in Internet Explorer, select “Add to Favorites” by right clicking on the page image or choosing it from the Favorite’s drop down menu at the top of the browser window. In Firefox, select “Bookmark this Page” by right clicking any area outside of the page image or by choosing this option from the Bookmarks drop down menu.

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