HeinOnline’s Tip of the Week: Quick Link to the Number Index in the Federal Register

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When browsing in the Federal Register, you can link to the Number or Annual Index for the volume you are browsing directly from a citation. These shortcuts will help you navigate through the Federal Register faster to get what you need.

To illustrate this, we’ll select “citation” on the page toolbar while viewing page 46773 in volume 50, number 219, dated Wednesday, November 13, 1985.

The citation to page 46773 in volume 50 will appear on the first line. The second line displays a link to the number index, which in this case is “Number Index for Volume 50”.

When clicking on the link to the index, you’ll be directed to the index page for Volume 50 where you’ll see links to the Sections Affected Parts 1-4, a link to the Annual Index, and a link to each number/date in the volume.

Tip: To maintain your current page view (in this case page 46773) while opening the index, right click on the index link in the citation and select “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window”.

And don’t forget, if you see a citation to the CFR or to a Statute on the page, click “citations on page” from the page toolbar. This will highlight each citation and the citation will act as a direct link to the page in HeinOnline.

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