Highlighted Search Terms to be Available in All HeinOnline Collections

HeinOnline Blogger

By the end of this month, the HeinOnline development team will complete the application of highlighting search terms across the entire collection of 31 million pages in HeinOnline. This further enhances the search functionality of the site by locating and highlighting your search word or phrase within the text on the image-based page, thus ending the days of scanning the entire page(s) to find your search terms in the results.

This feature has also been further developed to return more defined highlighting results when searching for a phrase. When conducting a full-text phrase search, words will only be highlighted if they appear as part of the “phrase”. Independent occurrences of any of the words making up the phrase will not be highlighted.

For example, when searching for the phrase “certainty of objects” in Ottawa Law Review between 1984-1985 in the Law Journal Collection, the results will only highlight the phrase “certainty of objects” where it appears as such on the page. If certainty, of, or objects should appear independently or standalone as a word elsewhere in the text, it will not be highlighted.

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