New Search & Browse Capabilities in Legal Classics Collection

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Looking for a “Classic” from tens or even hundreds of years ago that has to do with Transportation or Constitutional Law or another subject of interest? We’ve made it easier to find a Classics title, by providing the ability to browse by subject or search by subject in the Legal Classics collection. In building this capability, we identified over 70 subjects that classify the content of the titles. We then related every title to at least one subject and in many cases multiple depending upon the title’s content. The browsing and searching capabilities are further defined below.

Browse by Subject:

Select “By Subject” under the browse options found on the Resources tab to display the list of subjects. Then select your subject of interest to view the titles that are associated with that subject. IN many cases a subject will appear in multiple subject listings. For example, the title “Constitutions of Nations” will appear in Constitutional Law, Comparative Law, International Law and Political Science.

Search by Subject:
Under the Search tab, select either Field or
Advanced search. From within the search options screen, you can input your terms and select 1 or multiple subjects to search across. To illustrate how this works, we will initiate a field search for the phrase “Italian Republic” in text across International Law.

When selecting the subject “International Law”from the subject list, the list of titles associated with international law are displayed in the title list below. This search query will return 2 results.

Now let’s broaden the search to include an additional subject. After clicking Revise Search, select Constitutional Law from the subject list in addition to International Law.
NOTE: To highlight multiple subjects, hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and highlight the additional subject(s). When you are done selecting additional subjects, release the CTRL button.

When selecting a second subject, the title list below will expand to display all titles associated with International Law and all titles associated with Constitutional Law. When submitting the search query, the logic will search for the phrase “Italian Republic” in all titles associated with International Law OR Constitutional Law. Selecting multiple subjects expands your search rather than narrows it. This query will return 5 results as opposed to our initial 2 results that we received when we only searched across international law.

NOTE: These search options do not allow you to search across a specific subject(s) AND across a specific title(s). Choose all, one or multiple subjects or titles (depending upon the parameter you wish to use). To reset search parameters, highlight All Subjects from within the subject listing. This will re-enable the search functionality for the Title Listing.

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