New search tool for the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law publication – coming soon!

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HeinOnline Blogger

Next month, HeinOnline will release an enhancement that will allow you to search an Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law Database. The database was created from the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law publication, which is compiled and edited by Roy M. Mersky and Donald J. Dunn and has been published since 1958. To provide this functionality, the HeinOnline Development Team has spent the last few months building the database, which contains a bibliographic entry for every article that is indexed in the publication. This enhancement will make it easier for you to find articles in the index relating to a specific subject or written by a specific author, without having to browse page by page of the Index every time.

The new search enhancement will allow you to search by Article Title, Article Creator/Author, Journal Title and/or Subject. It is important to note that this feature will only search across the database of bibliographic information that we have developed; it will not search the pages or volumes within the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law.

Search results will display the bibliographic entries for the articles that match the identified search criteria. If an article is available in HeinOnline, the Article Title will appear as a direct link to the content in HeinOnline. Search options will also allow you to request only articles that appear in HeinOnline.

This enhancement further supports an integrated approach to legal research by making it easier for researchers to supplement their efforts with law-related articles and periodicals not found in standard legal materials. Look for this new feature in the Journals Library in January 2008!