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2007 was a busy year for HeinOnline! With a record-breaking year of nearly 9 million new pages of content added and the release of the new interface, we wanted to take a moment to point out the various resources that are available to help you with HeinOnline. We’ve outlined below where to find help, what information is available, and the various means available to contact us. We encourage you to take a minute to explore these links to discover the breadth of information available to you.

General Help & Resources
From the HeinOnline home page (before you’ve logged in), we have a Training section and an Educational Resources sub-section. The Educational Resources section provides various PDF, PowerPoint and Video guides covering the basics of navigating and searching in HeinOnline, FAQ’s, contact information and much more! The HeinOnline User’s Guide (PDF) is especially useful if you are new to HeinOnline, as it as an A to Z guide for getting started. You may also access this page from within HeinOnline by clicking on the “Help” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Technical Resources
The Technical Resources section on the HeinOnline home page includes information relating to the browser and operating systems that are supported, printing, and IP address verifications, to name a few. FAQ’s are also available with answers to questions regarding Access, Specifications, Printing, Functionality, and Content. This FAQ page has a search function powered by Google, eliminating the need to read all the FAQ’s on the page. Cataloguing information and a link to the Cataloguing Aid hosted by the Washburn University School of Law Library is also available on this page.

Library Specific Search Guides
Some libraries in HeinOnline, such as the Law Journals Library, may also have additional searching guides for customized search options only available in that library. To find additional search guides, look under the “About Searching” section within a library.

HeinOnline Blog
As we continue to grow and listen to your feedback, our HeinOnline Development Group will continue to tweak and improve the interface to meet your needs. Based upon your feedback, we may add enhancements, new tools for a specific library, or improvements to existing features. The best way to stay up to date with the latest enhancements and changes to the interface are by reading this Blog. This Blog provides screenshots and examples of new features, announcements regarding what’s coming, news, tips for working in HeinOnline and much more! Subscribe to the Blog in a feed reader, via email, or post a link to it on your website.

Live Chat & Contact Information
Our HeinOnline Support Team is also available via a Live Chat feature found inside HeinOnline. Look for the Live Help Online icon on the welcome screen or on the help pages to talk live with one of our representatives. This option is available from 8-5 p.m. EST (GMT/UTC-05:00) Monday through Friday. If our representatives are unavailable, the icon will prompt you to send us a message via email.

We are available to assist you via phone, email or the web. Below is a snapshot of contact information for our HeinOnline Support team.
You can also send us feedback by using the feedback option in the upper right hand corner of the screen in HeinOnline. Just fill in the form and hit submit and your submission will be routed directly to our support team.

Over the coming months, we will work to develop more resources and expand upon the help that is available in HeinOnline. We welcome your feedback or suggestions for content to include, FAQ’s to add, or anything else you think HeinOnline users would benefit from.

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