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Use the Navigation Trail to determine your location and use the links for shortcuts to indexes:

It’s often easy to lose track of your location in HeinOnline. You may begin working in one collection such as the Federal Register and some where along the way click through to the CFR collection or the Law Journals library without even realizing that you’ve left one collection to work in a new collection. Or, you’ve utilized various functions such as searching or the citation navigator, and since lost track of which volume you are viewing. Since some of these transitions can occur almost seamlessly to you, you may not always know exactly where you are in HeinOnline. Here are a few different ways to determine your location.

As you navigate through HeinOnline to a volume or title, a navigation trail is created and displayed at the top of the title window that outlines your exact location in HeinOnline.

The navigation trail will begin with your working platform in HeinOnline. If you have logged into the database and are working with a volume, it will start with “Libraries”. It will then list the collection or library you are working in (i.e. Law Journal Library, Federal Register, etc.). The third piece of the trail will display the title you are viewing. The last piece of the trail will display the citation to the volume you are viewing. If you click on the volume citation, it will display the Table of Contents for the volume.

NOTE : If your navigation trail begins with “HeinOnline Home”, this means you are browsing the HeinOnline Home Pages hosted outside of the database. To access a library or collection, you will need to log in to HeinOnline by clicking on “Subscribers Click Here to Enter” at the top of the page.

The navigation trail also provides quick shortcuts to return to the volume index of a title, to the index page for the library you are working in, or even to return to the welcome page that lists all the libraries you have access to. Here’s a quick video illustrating how the shortcuts work:

Another way to determine your location is by returning to the Collection Home page to view the collection title. To do this, select the Resources tab and then click on Collection Home. At the top of every Collection’s Home page, there is a title displaying the name of the library.

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