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New and Improved Search Screens and Search Results Format

We hope you all had a very Happy New Year! With the start of 2008, we at HeinOnline have kicked off a new look and feel for our search screens and search results. You may have noticed the differences already, but we wanted to take a moment to explain the changes we made. Not only did we improve the look, but we also enhanced the search results to allow you to search within your results and view all articles by a specific author with the click of a mouse.

The first of these changes can be seen when clicking on either the field or advanced search options from within a library. We adjusted the placement of the fields on the form to make it easier to read and understand, as well as expanded the title window to display more titles at a time.

We also improved the display of the search results visually and structurally. The content displayed in the search results has been customized for each library in order to display the most relevant information, such as a citation, article title, part number, etc. as is applicable to each library. If a result lists an Author’s name, you can click on the Author’s name to display a list of all articles by that Author from within the library you are working in. Lastly, you no longer have longer have to jump from page to page to view the matching text pages. The results are now expandable/collapsible from within each result, saving you even more time when researching.

From the search results screen, you can choose to alter the way your results are displayed by selecting a different sort-by method or choosing the number of results displayed per page. You can choose 25, 50, 75 or 100 results per page.

We have also added the ability to search within your search results. If you have a search that generated 200+ results and you want to find a specific term within those results, this option allows you to do just that. Or if you have a complex query, you can start with an initial smaller query and then search within those results for a more specific term.

For example: Conduct a field or advanced search for the two phrases “contemporary international law” AND “multilateral forums” in the text fields in the journals library and you’ll receive 24 results. Then search within those 24 results for the term “rule under consideration” and you’ll then have 3 results to articles that discuss the topic of contemporary international law as it relates to multilateral forums and the term “rule under consideration”.

When you click on a search result and are directed to the page within a volume, your search results will load in the left navigation bar. To view matching text pages for other results or the other pages within the current volume, you no longer have to go back to the search results screen. You can now access this in the left navigation bar, where you can expand/collapse the matching text pages for each result. NOTE: If you use the previous/next buttons at the top of the left navigation bar you will be redirected to the search screen where it will load the next page of results. If you have more than 25 results, the number of results displayed in the left navigation bar will coordinate with the number of results per page that you initially opted to display.

We hope these changes will help to make your research experience even better. We welcome any feedback you may have as we are always working to improve our interface to better meet your needs.

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