Recap of Enhancements Released in HeinOnline on January 3rd, 2008

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1. Search the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law Database:

A database was built for the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law publication, which contains a bibliographic entry for every article that is indexed in the publication. A search feature is available in the Journals Library that allows you to search this database. Read our New Search Tool post for further details about this feature and how it works.

2. Improved Search Screens, Search Results Format and Options:

The field and advanced search screens were reformatted to make the search forms easier to read and understand. We also improved the display of the search results visually and structurally to allow you to search within your results, view all articles by an author by clicking on an author’s name, change your sort-by method and/or the number of results displayed per page. For details and screen shots of these changes, read our New and Improved Searching Blog posted earlier this week.

3. Search by Subject in the Legal Classics:

We have identified over 70 subjects that classify the content of the titles in the Legal Classics Collection. In doing so, we added the ability to search by Subject which is accessible on the Field or Advanced Search screen options. Read our Search by Subject post to learn how this feature works and to view an example.

4. Browse by Public Law Number in the U.S. Statutes at Large:

This feature can be found in the “Browse By” options listed under the U.S. Statutes at Large index. View our previous post Browse by Public Law Number for further details and screen shots of this enhancement.

Also, check out our Tip of the Week posts for useful tricks in using and navigating in HeinOnline. Have a tip of your own, or a question or suggestion that might help other HeinOnline users? If so, post a comment or let us know via Email, and we’ll include it in our Blog for other users to read and benefit from!

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