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Are you looking for a word or term on a specific page on a specific date within the Federal Register in HeinOnline? Or do you want to find references to that term on pages directly preceding or following a specific page? Here are a few examples of building a search query to find a phrase on a specific day and a specific page in the Federal Register, using both the Field and Advanced Search options.

We will use the following topic as our area of interest for these examples: A proposed rule change was filed in March of 2002 with the S.E.C. by the Chicago Board Options Exchange to amend Rule 12.4 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The rule change would amend rule 12.4 to expand the scope of products eligible as part of CBOE’s portfolio margining pilot.

Example 1: We want to find the term “portfolio margin” on page 15263 of the Federal Register in 2002.

Field Search:
1. Enter the page number in the first field, 15263, select word and full text from the field drop-down.
2. Choose the AND operator before the second field.
3. Enter portfolio margin in the second field, select phrase and full text from the field drop-down.
4. Select or highlight the Federal Register on the title list.
5. Input 2002 into the begin and end date fields.
6. Sort by Relevance and leave all section types as is.
7. Click Search.

You will receive 2 results, with the first being the most relevant. The citation of the first result contains the page range (15095-15332) that matches your inquiry. Click on view matching text pages, and the first link will take you to page 15263 where the term portfolio margin appears.

If you know the exact date that this appears on in the Federal Register, you can add it to your search string to narrow your results even further. From the above example, click on Modify Your Search. Now add Friday, March 29 by inputting this into the third field, select phrase and full text from the field drop-down, sort by relevance and leave all section types as is. Click search. This will return only 1 result.

Advanced Search:

You can build this search in the advanced search option by inputting the following query:
1. text:15263 AND text:”portfolio margin” AND text:”Friday, March 29″
2. Select/highlight the Federal Register on the title list.
3. Input 2002 into the begin and end date fields.
4. Sort by Relevance and leave all section types as is.
5. Click Search.

Now, to expand the search to subsequent pages, we must use the Advanced Search option. To include additional pages in the search, input the following query:
1. ((text:”portfolio margin” AND text:”Friday, March 29″) AND (text:”15263″ OR text:”15264″ OR text:”15265″))
2. Repeat steps 2-5 from the Advanced Search example above.

This will search for the term portfolio margin on Friday, March 29, 2002 of the Federal Register on page 15263, 15264, or 15265.

Note: When you click on view matching text pages, the results are sorted based on relevancy to your search query. Thus, the pages that are most relevant appear first. So in this case, pages 15263-15265 appear first as they are exact matches to your query. Listed below these results, you may also see additional pages (pages that you did not include in your search query). When you submit the search query, the search is applied to the entire section of the volume. Therefore, these subsequent results contain other matching pages within the section that have matching terms (in this case, pages 15268, 15267 and 15266). While these pages were not exact matches to the page numbers you input, they may contain more information as is applicable to your research terms. It may be worth checking them out too!

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