New Printing Options Now Available!

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We have received a lot of feedback from the HeinOnline Community over the past month or so about printing/downloading PDF's, cutting and pasting text, and choosing which pages you wish to print. We are pleased to announce that we have implemented changes to the print options to enable you to do those things you couldn't do before!

We are now giving you the ability to print pages across multiple sections, using a Custom Page Range tool. Using drop-down menus you can select any page range in the title provided you are within the specified printing limits. There are two limitations or conditions place on custom printing. First, the printing limitation is set to a maximum of 200 pages per download. Setting a limit as such allows for optimal use of the server thus increasing the speed of downloads. Secondly, subject to the terms of the license agreement, you are not permitted to download or print an entire volume or issue.

In tandem with custom printing, we also added two more options for downloading or printing a document. The first is downloading the document as a text file. This will generate a full text file of the page(s) that opens in your browser window, allowing you to cut and paste text for use in another program. The formatting of a text generated page or document has been improved to remove as much additional spacing as possible. This formatting was also applied to the view text option from the page toolbar in HeinOnline. It's important to note that all text files are generated from the uncorrected OCR text thus displaying the unedited version.

The second print option available is a PDFText File. Downloading a document as a PDFText file will generate the text version of the document and open it in a PDF file format vs. a text file format. This allows you to search the PDF using your Adobe PDF Reader! Like the text file, a PDFText file is also generated from the uncorrected OCR text. Therefore, spelling, grammatical and character errors are not corrected.

This short video is a snapshot of how these 2 new options work in HeinOnline.

Some of you may ask, where's the "Print Current Page" option? When you choose to print a document, the custom page range print tool will always default to your current page view. For example, if you are on page 59 of the Tax Law Review and choose to print, the custom page range will display 59 to 59. So all you would need to do is click Print/Download and it will download your current page.