Searching in HeinOnline: How to Get There and What the Options Are

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We’ve received a lot of feedback lately regarding searching and how to find the search options in HeinOnline. Therefore, we thought we would take a moment to explain how to navigate to the search options from the Welcome Screen. After you log in to HeinOnline, your starting point is the Welcome Page which lists all of the libraries that you are subscribed and have access to. Below are the steps to follow to navigate to the Search Options. We’ve also outlined what the options are.

  1. From the Welcome Page, click on the library within which you want to conduct your search. For example, click on the Law Journals library.
  2. Once inside the library, click on the Search tab at the top of the screen. This will load your search options in the left navigation menu.
  3. From the left navigation menu, you can use the Quick Search box or click on either the Field or Advanced Search, depending upon which option you wish to use. These options are further outlined below. When you click on either the Field or Advanced Search options, the search input screen will be loaded in the main viewing window. From there, you can insert your search terms.

The first option you see in the left navigation menu after clicking on the Search Tab is a Quick Search. Enter a simple word or phrase into the search box to search the text of the library you are in. For example, you can enter the phrase “acquired intangible asset” (with quotations) and click the search icon.If you wish to search in a field other than text, specify the field followed by a colon and then your search term. For example, search for the author “Gregory Beil” by entering the following query into the search box: creator:”Beil, Gregory”.

The next option is the Field Search. A Field Search is a guided search that allows you to input up to three terms across three fields. Using drop down menu’s and lists, this option guides you through the process of building your search. Insert your term, select either the word or phrase button, and select the field from a drop down menu. You can then add a 2nd and/or 3rd term, and connect the terms using the AND/OR Boolean operators (displayed as drop down menus). You can also narrow your search to all, one or multiple titles and narrow the date to a specific range of years.
The last option is the Advanced Search. An Advanced Search is a more flexible search option that allows you to use the full power of Boolean Logic in your search. Build a search query using proper search syntax and Boolean operators to connect the terms. This search option is more flexible in that you can add more than three fields if you wish. This option also allows you to conduct more defined searches such as proximity, fuzzy, and wildcard searches.

Remember, when you click on the “Search” tab at the top of the screen, the search options will be loaded in the left navigation menu. You must first click on a search option to conduct a search and input search terms.

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