Explanation of Cassidy Cataloguing's Future Uploads to OCLC

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Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc. has been creating original MARC21 catalog records for HeinOnline’s World Trials Library for several months. Each month, the records are distributed to subscribing libraries to coincide with the release by HeinOnline of new content.

The portion of the World Trials Library that is currently being digitized and cataloged has been designated “Phase I”. There are roughly 1,900 titles in Phase I. Phase I is expected to be completed at the end of 2008. At that time, Cassidy Cataloguing will be uploading the catalog records to OCLC. Subscribing libraries have been given the option to have Cassidy add their 4-letter holding code to the records at the time of upload for a very small fee.

OCLC will not be selling the World Trials Library records as a “record set” as Cassidy Cataloguing will retain exclusive rights to do so. This will be the arrangement for future OCLC uploads as well.

For more information about subscribing to the World Trials Library Marc21 catalog records, or the arrangement with OCLC, please contact Cassidy Cataloguing at info@cassidycat.com or 973-586-3200 to speak with Joni Cassidy or Natalie Bejarano.

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