Federal Register Citation Navigator Added to the CFR Library

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When researching in or browsing the Code of Federal Regulations, you may often come across citations to the Federal Register and want to link directly to the citation in the Federal Register. We’ve added an additional tool inside the Code of Federal Regulations library in HeinOnline to make it easy for you to navigate to a page in the Federal Register. This means you will now have two different methods for retrieving or linking to the page from within the CFR.

When inside the Code of Federal Regulations, you will see a Citation Navigator tab at the top of the screen. When you click on this tab, the Citation Navigator tool will load in the left menu. This tool will only look up a citation in the Federal Register (it does not look up another citation within the CFR). To pull up a page from the Federal Register, choose a volume from the drop down menu and insert the page number.

You can also use the Citations on Page function for navigating to a citation. From the page toolbar, click on the button that says Citations on Page. This will find and highlight citations on the page that cite to other articles or material that is available in HeinOnline. You can click on any highlighted citation and it will link you directly to that page in HeinOnline. It is important to note here that the citations are generated automatically from the uncorrected OCR’d text. Due to OCR errors and text variations, some citations may not be listed or listed correctly. Therefore, if you click Citations on Page and you come across a citation to the Federal Register that does not highlight, simply click on the Citation Navigator tab, enter the volume and page numbers and click “Get Citation”.

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