HeinOnline is now on YouTube!

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We are excited to announce that we are expanding our support through the creation of a HeinOnline YouTube Channel! Our YouTube Channel will host how-to videos covering a variety of topics in HeinOnline. Some videos will contain library specific instructions while other’s will include general tips or tricks that you can apply while researching in HeinOnline. Take a look at our video below for a quick introduction to this new resource and to see our YouTube Channel in action.

When reading our Blog posts, if you see a video embedded in a post with the YouTube watermark, click on the Menu button for various options. From the menu, you can copy the URL to the video on YouTube and then post the link on your site, in an email, or on your blog. Or, you can copy the code and embed the video on your blog or website. You will also see a video log along the bottom that displays other HeinOnline videos from YouTube. If you click on a video from within the log, the video will load right here in the Blog, allowing you to watch it from inside the post you are reading. We’ve also added a video log to the sidebar in the Blog, so you can catch the latest videos there.

We will continue to expand upon the content provided via our YouTube Channel and hope that you find the how-to video’s helpful. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you would like to see a how-to video created about a specific topic, send us an email, post on the blog, or post a comment on YouTube.

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