Nominative Citations Added to the Table of Contents in the English Reports Library

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The table of contents in the English Reports Library now displays the nominative citation for each case listed. This enhancement will make it easier to identify the beginning page of a specific series of nominative reports within a volume. This is especially useful if you often use the Chart Tool in the English Reports Library. Let’s take a further look to see exactly what this means.

From the English Reports Library, click on the Chart Tool found under the Browse By options in the left menu.

The Chart Tool is an electronic table that lists the nominative reports included in each volume of the English Reports, Full Reprint and provides a link to the volume in which they are located. This tool is essentially an electronic version of the Index Chart. You can sort the table by any of the measures listed across the top of the table by clicking on the desired heading.

Let’s sort the table by the nominative report names by clicking on “Old Report“. Then let’s scroll down until we find Hutton’s Common Pleas Reports. From this table, we know that this series of nominative reports can be found in volume 123 of the English Reports, Full Reprint and that the nominative abbreviation is Hut. To access this series, click on the volume number, in this case 123. This will take you to the first page of volume 123.

Now, click on the Table of Contents tab and load the Table of Contents in the left menu. Once the Table of Contents is loaded, you will notice that below each case name, the nominative citation is also displayed. This allows you to quickly scroll through the Table of Contents and identify where Hutton’s series starts within volume 123. In this case it starts on page 1,057.

To sum this up, rather than having to sort through all the pages in the volume to determine where the Hutton series starts, we’ve now made it easier by adding the nominative citation to each case name in the Table of Contents.

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