New Enhancements Now Live with April's Content Release

CFR, Enhancements, Law Journal Library, Printing/Downloading, Searching

It's been a busy month for the HeinOnline Development Team. Outlined below are a number of enhancements that we added to the site and released this morning with the monthly content release. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback about these enhancements.

Run This Search in Other Collections:
We have added the ability to run a search across different libraries. This feature has been added to the search results screen. Let's use an example to illustrate how this works.

Open the Field or Advanced Search option from within the Law Journal Library. Enter the phrase "Roe v. Wade" and search across the text field.

This search returns over 16,000 hits on Roe v. Wade in journal articles. Now lets look for the case in the U.S. Reports by clicking on "Run This Search in Other Collections" from the top of the search results. This will generate a drop down list of collections, allowing you to choose a collection to run the search in.

For this example, choose the U.S. Supreme Court Library. Once you select the library, it will automatically run the search query. The search results include just over 130 hits for Roe v. Wade. From here, you can then run the search in the U.S. Congressional Documents to view the floor proceedings.

Remember, you can revert back to a previous search from the Search History option found on the left menu under the Search tab.

Find "Articles That Cite This Article" in the Law Journal Library:
A great enhancement has been added to the Law Journal Library that now gives you an option to find other articles in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library that cite the article you are viewing. This option is displayed as a link directly above the page in HeinOnline.

To illustrate this, let's look at the article "Tale of Two Systems: Cost, Quality and Accountability in Private Prisons" from volume 115 of the Harvard Law Review 2001-2002. To view other articles that cite this article, click on the link above the page that says "Articles that cite this article".

This will generate a full-text search across the Law Journal Library and find other articles that cite "115 Harv. L. Rev. 1868". This specific article is cited in 14 other journal articles, all of which you can link to.

"Find a Section" in the Code of Federal Regulations:
We have received a lot of feedback regarding the need to retrieve a section in the CFR. The CFR is only indexed down to the part level; therefore, in order to find a section you would have to run a full-text search. We have now added an enhancement to the Title and Part Quick Locator to make it easier to find a section. You will notice there is a fourth option on the quick locator tool that allows you to enter a section number. In order to find a section, you must choose a year, title and part first. Let's take a look at an example to illustrate how this works.

We want to find section 14.40, "What a covered person must disclose", in Title 12 from the 2007 CFR. From the Title and Part Quick Locator, select the year 2007, Title 12-Banks and Banking, and Part 14-Consumer protection in sales of insurance. After you select the part, enter the section number, 40, into the box and click Find Section. This will generate a full-text search for you based upon the criteria you entered for the year, title, part and section.

In this example, you get one result. When you click View Matching Text Pages, the first result is an exact match to the page where section 14.40 is located in the 2007 CFR.

Download/Print from Search Results:
We have added the ability to print or download a page or section directly from your search results. There is another link next to View Matching Text Pages that says "Print/Download Options". When you click on this link, it will open your print/download options for that specific search result in a new window.

External Section Type in the Law Journal Library:
The last minor change we made with this month's release can be found in the Law Journal Library. We received some questions regarding what an "External" section type is from within the search options. To further clarify what this section type is, we have moved "External" to the bottom of the list and added more context around it. To read a detailed overview of the "External" section type, take a look at one of our previous Tip of the Week posts titled "What is an external section type?"