Recap of May's Content Release: New Content & Improved Features

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What can you expect with today’s monthly content release? We are releasing 800,000+ pages of new content, bringing HeinOnline to more than 38 million pages! We added 99 new World Trials and 23 new Legal Classics titles this month. Also, Statutes of the Realm, volumes 1-11 (1225-1713) are now available in the English Reports library. New additions to the Law Journal Library include Criminal Law Quarterly, volumes 1-49 (1958-2005) and Taxes: The Tax Magazine, volumes 1-82 (1923-2004). For a complete recap of content released this month, click here.

In addition to the new content released, we also released improvements to some of HeinOnline’s features, as outlined below.

Searchable PDF’s:
The following libraries have been converted to searchable PDF’s: English Reports, European Center for Minority Issues, Foreign and International Law Resources Database, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Marine Pollution and the Law of the Sea, Philip C. Jessup Library, and the U.S. Attorney General Opinions. For further information on Searchable PDF’s, read our blog post entitledPreview Searchable PDF’s in HeinOnline.

Citations on Page:
We have improved the Citations on this Page feature to allow you to toggle the feature ON or OFF. This eliminates the need to hit the button on each and every page. If you always want the citations on the page displayed, then choose to turn this feature ON. This will make it faster and easier for you to access multiple related articles and documents with the click of a mouse.

Search Tips:
To provide better access to search fields and examples for each library, we have added a link to “Search Tips” to the sidebar in each library in HeinOnline. When you open a library, such as the Law Journal Library, click on the search tab, then click on “Search Tips” from the sidebar. This will open the search fields and examples in a pop-up window.

“Help” added to Page Toolbar:
To further clarify the various functions available on the page toolbar, we have added a “Help” button describing each function on the toolbar. NOTE: When you hover over a button on the toolbar, the name of the function is displayed.

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