The HeinOnline Cataloguing Aid Now Has a Cumulative File for the Legal Classics MARC Records

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As of the April 2008 release, a cumulative file containing MARC records for all titles in the HeinOnline Legal Classics Library is available. This single file is comprehensive and includes records for all titles since the initial release of the Legal Classics Library in April 2005. The cumulative file will be updated with each monthly content release in addition to the individual shipment files. This now provides you with two different options for updating your records.

The cumulative MARC file is available for download from the Legal Classics Library Cataloging Aid page at; see the bottom of the right-side navigation under the heading “All Legal Classics MARC Records”.

Cataloging for the Legal Classics Library is made available in cooperation with staff at Washburn University School of Law Library. Questions about the MARC files may be directed to Martin Wisneski at or (785)670-1788.

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