How to Request a Change/Update to Your IP Addresses

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Do you need to update, change, add or remove an IP address from your subscription? If you are an administrator of HeinOnline at your institution, you may request changes to your registered IP addresses. To request a change to your registered IP’s, please send an email to with the following information:

1. Your Contact Information (Name, Phone Number and Email Address)
2. Institution Name
3. Description of the changes that need to be implemented

Please do not call us with this information, as we are unable to accept these requests via phone. For confirmation purposes, we require the request in writing.

If you are requesting an addition of a new IP address, please confirm the following two items prior to submitting your request:

1. Confirm the name of the registrar for the IP address (usually this is the Internet Service Provider)
2. Confirm that the IP address is used exclusively by your Institution (no one else would have access through the IP address)

Once your request has been submitted, please allow 24 business hours for the changes to be implemented.

Also, if you have registered IP addresses that you are no longer using or that have been removed, please inform us via email of these so that we can remove them from your account registration. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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