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Have you seen HeinOnline’s hottest new product? We have partnered with Cheryl Nyberg and Carol Boast to bring the Subject Compilations of State Laws to you for the first time in a searchable, online database.

Imagine being able to search for state surveys on adoption and seeing the entries from 2008 all the way back to 1979. You can do this all with one click, no flipping through pages, or browsing multiple volumes. It’s that easy!

HeinOnline’s Subject Compilations of State Laws database is searchable. You can search across a specific subject, by entry number, journal title, article title, court and more! Gone are the days of sifting through multiple volumes to find surveys on abortion or data security breaches.

The entries in the database include the same exact data as the entry would appear in the print edition. However, the database entries have been further enhanced to include thousands of links to law review articles and U.S. Supreme Court decisions available in HeinOnline. Entries also include live links to the Internet where state surveys are located. The authors understand that Internet sites often change, therefore, they will be making regular updates to the URLs to ensure you are getting right to the source. Lastly, entries that have OCLC numbers are linked directly to WorldCat.

And that’s not all! The database will be updated on a quarterly basis, which is faster than the print volumes that are published once a year.

Click here to view the brochure detailing annual subscription options.

For a quick demonstration of this new resource, take a look at the video below. Or, click here to view a flash version. To download the WMV format, click here.

We’ve also created additional training resources to demonstrate this new database and help users get started. Take a moment to browse through these resources below.

Quick Reference Guide

Wiki page specific to Subject Compilations of State Laws – Includes various FAQs, search examples, details of the entries and more!

For further questions about this new database in HeinOnline and our subscription options, contact us at

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