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Through an arrangement with the United Nations, HeinOnline is pleased to introduce its latest addition, the United Nations Law Collection. The United Nations Law Collection presents exact reproductions of major United Nations legal publications, including the complete collection of the United Nations Treaty Series, the Statement of Treaties and International Agreements, International Court of Justice, Reports of Judgments Advisory Opinions and Orders, Reports of International Arbitral Awards and more!

HeinOnline’s United Nations Law Collection provides convenient finding aids accessible directly from HeinOnline’s United Nations Landing Page. The finding aids will allow you to:

  • Pull up the full text of a United Nations Treaty by inserting the UNTS citation.
  • Search for a United Nations Treaty by treaty/registration number, date, parties involved, and more.
  • Search by subject area, as all treaties have been assigned a Kavass Subject.
  • Find and link directly to law review articles that cite a specific UN treaty with the click of a mouse. From there you can then further link to documents such as U.S. Statutes, which are sometimes cited with the UNTS citation.
  • Quickly jump to a treaty or series of treaties relevant to a popular treaty name, using an International Agreements by Popular Name index.

We have also provided the ability to browse or search across all the major legal publications included in this collection.
The United Nations Law Collection in HeinOnline allows you to start and finish your international treaty research all in one place. Pull up a treaty citation, access the treaty text, read supporting law review articles, link to other documents such as federal regulations and more all within HeinOnline!

Click here to view the brochure and learn more about this great new international legal research collection.

Or, for a quick demonstration of this new resource, take a look at the video below. Click here to view a flash version or click here to download the WMV format.

We’ve also created additional training resources to demonstrate this new collection and help users get started. Take a moment to browse through these resources below.

For further questions about this new collection in HeinOnline, contact us at marketing@wshein.com.

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