Most-Cited U.S. Supreme Court Cases in HeinOnline – Coming in December!

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HeinOnline Blogger

Did you know that the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was cited by more than 16,000 articles in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library making it the most-cited U.S. Supreme Court case in HeinOnline? As we continue to analyze citations and further our studies of scholarly and social indexing, we are pleased to announce that in December, you will be able to view the "CitedBy" counts for Supreme Court cases found in the U.S. Reports in HeinOnline.

This means that when you run a search in the U.S. Supreme Court Library, any search result linking directly to a case from a U.S. Reports volume will display the number of times that the case is cited by articles from HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library. If you click on the link, a list of law review articles that cite the Supreme Court Case will be displayed.

Watch our brief demonstration below to see how we’ve applied scholarly indexing to the U.S. Supreme Court Library in HeinOnline. Or click here to view the video.

This new enhancement will be available in HeinOnline in December.