HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: How to Search the Index of Cases in the English Reports to Find a Case

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The English Reports Full Reprint in HeinOnline contains two index volumes that contain an index of cases from A to K and L to Z. These indexes can be accessed and browsed by clicking on the “Indexes” option from the Resources menu.

Or, using the Advanced Search option in the English Reports library you can build a search that will look for a case across a specific letter from within the index. We’re going to focus this week’s tip on how to build this search and then quickly pull up the case you are looking for.

The two index volumes are titled “Index A to K” and “Index L to Z”. If we look inside one of the index volumes at the Table of Contents, we will see that each letter within the index is tagged as the “description” for that section (this is denoted by the italics in the Table of Contents).

Knowing these two things will allow us to build a search across the volume title and description fields. To build this search, we must first identify the field names that we need to use in the syntax of the search. The field name for the volume titles in this case is “volseries” and the field name for description is simply “description”. Now, let’s take a look at an example.

We want to find the cases that involve “Haworth” from within the first index volume. Open the Advanced Search option from within the English Reports Library. To build the search, first insert the volume title, then insert the description to narrow it to the correct letter in the index, and then insert the key word. The syntax would appear as follows:

volseries: “Index A to K” AND description:H AND text:Haworth

This will return 1 result that is an exact match to Index A to K with a link to the page where Haworth appears.

Once we pull up the page, we can quickly scan across the index to identify the volume and the page number that the full text of the case appears on.

To pull up the case, click on the citation navigator tab in the upper left hand corner. Insert the volume number and page number into the boxes and click “Get Citation”. This will up the page where the full text of the case appears. For example, if we want to pull up the Haworth v. Bostock case, we can insert 160 Eng. Rep. 894 into the Citation Navigator to pull up the full-text of the case.

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