2008 Year in Review

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Shane Marmion

Last year was a busy year for our HeinOnline team here at William S. Hein & Co., Inc. If you missed anything, here is a quick recap of everything they accomplished in 2008…

New Content added to Existing Collections
  • World Trials Library: 1,000 new titles: Continued adding titles from Cornell University’s collection and also started including titles from the University of Missouri-Columbia Lawson collection and titles from the Jenkins Law Library.
  • Legal Classics Library: 100 new titles: Notable titles include: Reading Upon the Statute of Uses & B.F. Stevens’ Facsimiles of Manuscripts in European Archives Relating to America, 1773-1783: With Descriptions, Editorial Notes, Collations, References and Translations
  • Law Journal Library: 100 new titles: Notable titles include: Taxes: The Tax Magazine, Advocates’ Quarterly, Criminal Law Quarterly, Estates, Trusts, and Pensions Journal, Annual Report of the American Bar Association, Journal of Space Law, Franchise Law Journal, and Les Cahiers de Droit
  • Congressional Record – Complete Coverage: In June we announced the completion of the entire back file of the Congressional Record and the Daily Edition from 1994-2008, making us the first and only online database to contain the complete Congressional Record Bound Volumes.
  • Sessions Laws Coverage Expanded: Coverage for both New York and California now go back to inception. Every other state’s session laws have been taken back to 1995, and more back files will be added in 2009!
  • Code of Federal Regulations – 12 years added: The gap is almost complete. In 2008 we added the back file content for CFR 1987-1991 and 1999-2005. The remaining 8 years will be complete by June 2009.
  • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) – Now includes coverage back to inception.

Other HeinOnline News
New Web 2.0 Initiatives from HeinOnline where you can find links to an abundance of resources designed to familiarize you with HeinOnline and allow you to get engaged with the HeinOnline team.

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