HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: How to export or email search results

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Do you need to share your search results with other people in your organization? Do you want to export your search results from the law journal library to CSV, EndNote, or Refworks? Here is a short tutorial on how to get your search results out of HeinOnline and into your hands.

This tutorial is based on search results from the Law Journal Library. Only results from this library can be exported to CSV, EndNote, or Refworks. Results from any library can be emailed.
Also, This tutorial uses the MyHein tool. HeinOnline users can utilize the MyHein tool whether or not they have created their own MyHein account. However, users without a MyHein account will not have their bookmarked data saved on the website after they close their browser. MyHein accounts are free, and available to all users of HeinOnline.

1. Let's start off with a list of search results in the Law Journal Library.

2. I've decided that only a couple of these results are relevant to what I am looking for. So, I've checked the boxes located to the left of the results that I want to export.

3. After I've selected the articles I want to export, I look below the search results.
Making sure that "MyHein Bookmarks" is selected in the drop-down, I click "Save/Email".

Once "Save" is clicked, I'm presented with a dialog confirming the citations that will be saved. I am also given the opportunity to tag them in a "general" category, or create my own tag. I've decided to tag them as "Women's Equality Project". Once you've decided on a tag, be sure to click "Enter Into Research".

4. After clicking the "Enter Into Research" button, HeinOnline will confirm that the citations have been bookmarked under the tag I selected.

I can now access my bookmarked articles by clicking the link in the confirmation pictured above, OR I can click the "MyHein" option from the top right side of any HeinOnline screen and then click the "Saved Bookmarks" link in that tab.

5. After using one of the above options to go to the Saved Bookmarks page, I am presented with the bookmarks I saved. I've decided that I want to email these two citations to myself, so I click the boxers next to each result. I then select "Email" from the options list and click "Submit". If I had decided to export the list instead, I would have simply selected one of those options from the list.

A window then opens that gives me the option to enter an email address to send the list to, as well as the option to add a note to the email.

I then click the "Email" button to send the email.