HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Browse CFR Indexes and Finding Aids

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Last week, we mentioned in our monthly announcement a number of new enhancements in HeinOnline. We would like to highlight one in particular that is a new enhancement to the CFR library.

In January, we received a feedback email from Susan Lewis-Somers at American University’s Washington College of Law. In the email, Susan suggested we add a “Browse by CFR Index” option to the CFR library in HeinOnline because; “…most users don’t know they can find the indexes at the end of the Bindings browse option.” We thought this suggestion would be a great addition to the CFR library. Thanks Susan!

You can find the new “Indexes and Finding Aids” link on the Resources tab under the Browse By heading in the Code of Federal Regulations/Federal Register Library.

In the link lists all of the CFR Indexes and Finding Aids that are currently available in HeinOnline in descending chronological order. This list will be updated as we continue to add new CFR volumes to the library.

As we continually strive to make HeinOnline a better tool for its users, We would like to encourage everyone to send us their suggestions for improvement. Use the feedback link located at the top of the page in HeinOnline, and let us know your ideas!

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