225-Year Archive of Taxation and Economic Reform in America is Coming Soon to HeinOnline!

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We are proud to announce that a 225-year archive of taxation and economic reform in America is coming soon to HeinOnline! This new a-la-carte library, Taxation & Economic Reform in America, a Historical Archive, 1781-2009, will contain more than 900 volumes and nearly one-million pages of legislative history materials and other documents in its first release, expected to launch by the end of August 2009.

This new a-la-carte library is our greatest value ever offered in HeinOnline and will be available at an affordable price. Essentially, you can have access to this nearly one-million page archive for the same price you might pay for just one legislative history set; that’s a huge savings!

How did America end up in the current global financial crisis?
What did President Bush propose and how is President Obama planning to restore the U.S. economy?

Find answers to these questions and more with this new taxation and economic reform archive from HeinOnline! This library will include the complete Carlton Fox collection, which contains nearly 48 years of historical legislation related to the internal revenue laws. It will also include more than 25 other legislative histories related to U.S. economic reform and stimulus plans.

Bring the power of HeinOnline law review articles to the study of American taxation and U.S. economic reform!

With it’s rich archive of law review articles, HeinOnline will connect the legislation to key law review articles allowing you to not only read and follow the laws, but also to fully understand how it impacted the economy from the time of its inception to the present day.

We know your budgets are tight and you want to save money and space! Now, with this new comprehensive archive, HeinOnline is giving you the opportunity to do both. Pre-purchase the library by August 1, 2009 and you can save $400! For more information regarding the content and subscription options, please view our detailed brochure. Contact us today at (800) 828-7571, marketing@wshein.com, or contact your sales representative for more information.

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