Is the article you are looking for included in HeinOnline?

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One of the more frequent requests we receive in HeinOnline support is for help locating a specific article a researcher is looking for. We have covered this process before in earlier posts, but in this post I am going to tie the whole process together.

First, I want to break down the key points of information that we can use to find an article, and how these can be used to find what you are looking for:

  1. The title of the journal in which the article is published.
  2. A key phrase located in the article.
  3. The title of the article.
  4. The name of the author of the article.
  5. The blue book citation of the article.

The title of the Journal in which the article is published.
An article can only be in HeinOnline if the Journal that published it is included in our collection. If you know the name of the publication you are looking for, use the Title Lookup tool to determine whether or not the title is included in HeinOnline. The Title Lookup tool will ONLY search for PUBLICATION titles in HeinOnline. It will not search for articles. In this example, I am looking for the publication Yale Law Journal.


A key phrase located in the article / The title of the article / The name of the author of the article
I've lumped these three options together because they can all be done easily from one location in HeinOnline. We recommend using the Field Search option in the Law Journal Library to perform these searches. You will see that the three fields are preset as (from top to bottom): Text, Title, and Creator/Author.

Text: Used to find a key word or phrase that you know is located in the text of the article
Title: Used to search for the title of the article you are looking for. All, or part of the title can be used.
Creator/Author: Used to search by the author's name. You can enter just the last name, but If you know the whole name use the format LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME MI.

In the video below, I am searching for an article titled Are Police Free to disregard Miranda by Steven D. Clymer. I chose to search for a term "2. Immunity doctrine". I did not go all the way through with the search in text and title examples, but you should get the idea.


The Blue Book Citation of the article
The Blue Book citation of an article is a quick way of noting the volume, publication title, and page where the article you are searching for is located. If you know the citation of the article you are looking for, we recommend using the citation navigator in the Law Journal library. In the video below, I am using the citation navigator to go directly to the citation of the article I found above, 112 Yale L. J. 447


If you know the volume, page, and title of the publication you are looking for but not the abbreviation used in the Blue Book citation, There is a tool available in the Citation Navigator tab that will help you. The Find Blue Book Citation link lists all of the journal titles in HeinOnline along with the citation associated with that title. It will also allow you to build the citation you are looking for and link you directly to that page.


We hope this short guide will help you navigate through HeinOnline a little more efficiently. As always, we have a whole host of resources available to our users in the HeinOnline Wiki. These resources include our YouTube Channel, live chat, and training guides. Have a suggestion for something you think we could be doing better? Click the feedback link located at the top of the main HeinOnline page and let us know what's on your mind.