More than 200 Entries Updated in the Subject Compilations of State Laws Database

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Entries Updated to Reflect NCSL’s Major Website Revisions

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is a major producer of free 50-state law surveys. The Conference’s website underwent a major overhaul in the last several months, resulting in dozens of broken links in the Subject Compilations of State Laws database in HeinOnline.

As a result of the major overhaul, all of these links in the HeinOnline database have been reviewed and revised. Most of the NCSL website surveys are still available and the new links are working. A significant number of items are no longer found on the NCSL website but some version of many of the missing surveys are on the Internet Archive. Subject Compilations of State Laws entries link to the Internet Archive version when the document could not be found on the NCSL website.

A very small number of items could not be located at either the NCSL site or the Internet Archive.

While the author is constantly checking and updating website links, broken links are an ongoing problem due to websites’ dynamic abilities to change so often. Therefore, if you discover a broken link in Subject Compilations of State Laws database, please report it using the Feedback form in HeinOnline.

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