New Searching Feature Added to HeinOnline – Search in This Page or Section

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Thanks to some recent feedback from a researcher using HeinOnline, we have added a new searching feature to the service. This new search tool allows HeinOnline users to easily search for words or phrases in the section, or the page they are currently viewing.

The new search option is available throughout HeinOnline. When viewing a page, you will see a new magnifying glass icon located above the page image.

Clicking this icon will cause a box to appear, giving you the option to search just the particular page you are viewing, or the entire section. Both word and phrase searching works with this new feature, but please be sure to put your phrase searches in quotation marks(ex.”Federal Law”).

We have also put together a short video detailing how the searching feature is used.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to make suggestions for new features such as this. We truly value the feedback we receive.

Do you have an idea for a change you’d like to see in HeinOnline? Let us know! Click the feedback link located at the top of your HeinOnline page.

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