HeinOnline Content Now Includes Hot-linked URLs

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For a few years now, HeinOnline has had the "citations on this page" feature available. This tool has allowed HeinOnline users to click a citation on the page they are currently viewing, and link directly to that cited material in HeinOnline.
We have now expanded this feature to include URLs to cited content housed outside of the HeinOnline database. The new hot-linked URLs work in the same manner as the citations have. Clicking a blue highlighted URL will open a new tab in your web browser and load the website. If you would like to turn off the hotlinks, simply click the "Citations on this Page" link located above the page image.

The URLs HeinOnline uses are derived from uncorrected OCR. Additionally, URLs may change over time, thus resulting in broken links. Please be aware that HeinOnline is not responsible for content located outside the HeinOnline database. Each website is the property and responsibility of the website's owner.