Exploring HeinOnline: Law Revision Commission of New York, Reports, Recommendations, and Studies

Exploring HeinOnline, New York Legal Research Library
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Coming soon to the New York Legal Research Library

Created in 1934, the Law Revision Commission is the oldest continuous agency in the common-law world devoted to law reform through legislation.  The Commission serves to examine the common law and statues of the State and current judicial decisions in order to identify areas needing improvement, and subsequently recommends needed reforms.  They also receive and consider proposed changes in the law recommended by the American Law Institute (ALI), the commissioners for the promotion of uniformity of legislation in the United States, and any bar association or other body.  They also receive and consider suggested changes from judges, justices, public officials, lawyers and public.  Of all of the suggested and proposed changes brought to them, the Commission selects a number of them for further study.  The Commission then analyzes the problem and this analysis often leads to new legislation or amendment of existing law.

This title thus includes the reports, recommendations and studies carried out by the Commission. This title will be added to the New York Legal Research Library by the beginning of December.  

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