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World Constitutions Illustrated:
Contemporary & Historical Documents & Resources

HeinOnline is pleased to announce that next week we will be releasing our newest a-la-carte library, World Constitutions Illustrated. Focusing on the study of world constitutions both historic and current, individual governments, and the history of each nation, this library will allow legal scholars to research the constitutional and political development of the nations that make up our global community. With the launch of this new library, we are introducing a new legal research platform that brings together constitutional documents, books, articles, bibliographic references, and web sites all into one database!

The initial release of World Constitutions Illustrated will feature:
  • The current constitution for every country
  • Substantial constitutional histories for the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Colombia (among others)
  • More than 800 classic books about constitutional law
  • More than a dozen legal periodicals focused on constitutional law
  • Other sources such as Annual Human Rights Reports Submitted to Congress, Country Studies, Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia and the World Fact Book
  • The complete set of the British and Foreign State Papers (1812-1968)
  • Links to scholarly articles
  • Links to online resources
  • Bibliographies of important works
  • And much more!
Every country is linked directly to its primary and secondary resources. This means you will be able to jump to France, for example, and view all the resources related to the constitutional and political development of the country, all in one place!
Collaborate and contribute!
The collection is in its infancy and will only grow. Just as we did with the Law Journal Library ten years ago, we want to partner with again you to build the world’s greatest collection of constitutions and constitutional resources. If you have a book, constitutional document, or suggestion for an article, or if you specialize in the constitutional law of a specific country or have access to a foreign law collection, we invite you to contribute and help us build the collection.
More information about the content and subscription options will be available soon. Stay tuned for more details about HeinOnline’s forthcoming World Constitutions Illustrated!

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