World Constitutions Illustrated – We already have scholars and libraries offering to join the project!

World Constitutions Illustrated
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Libraries and scholars are already collaborating!

On Monday we announced that World Constitutions Illustrated, our newest legal research platform, is available. In four short days, we have already had a lecturer from Zambia in Southern Africa offer to contribute, a librarian from the University of Miami interested in becoming a country editor, and a number of suggestions for additional constitutional periodicals. One of our collaborators has even provided us with an English translation of a constitutional document for the Republic of South Korea.

This response is exactly what we are hoping for! We invite librarians, scholars, and constitutional law experts from all over the world to contribute their works and knowledge to help us continue building the constitutional development for every country.

We extend a thank you to the following scholars, universities, organizations, and libraries who have contributed to the project so far:

  • Buffalo Erie County Public Library
  • Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
  • Law Library of Congress
  • OAS – Organization of the American States
  • University at Buffalo
  • University of Chicago – D’Angelo Law Library
  • University of Cincinnati – Robert S. Marx Law Library
  • University of Michigan
  • John P. Sangwa, Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Zambia
  • Jootaek (Juice) Lee, Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor at the University of Miami Law Library

If you have a constitutional book, a document, a translation, or another work, or if you are a scholar specializing in the constitutional law of a specific country, you can contribute too! Contact us at or click on the “Contribute to the Project” option from within the collection at and provide us with details.

Join us today and contribute to the project!
With your help, we can build the world’s greatest collection of constitutions and constitutional resources.

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