Upcoming Webinar – Legislative Histories in HeinOnline

Miranda Rosati

Please join us for our upcoming webinar: 
Legislative Histories in HeinOnline
Thursday, November 18 at:

Do you often look for a legislative history or other document that exists as part of a legislative history set? If so, you’ll find this Webinar helpful as we explore the four collections in HeinOnline that contain legislative history material. These include the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library, Intellectual Property Law Collection, Taxation & Economic Reform in America, and History of Bankruptcy libraries. Below are some specifics that we will try to cover during the session:

  • Where you should start your research in HeinOnline when looking for a legislative history
  • What is Nancy Johnson’s Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database and why should you use it
  • Browsing by popular name or public law number
  • Linking to Nancy Johnson’s database entry from the title listing to view additional resources related to the public law
  • Viewing the cumulative contents for a legislative history
  • Searching across a specific legislative history
  • Searching across a specific document within a legislative history
  • Cross library searching within the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
  • Faceted searching and it’s integration into these libraries
  • And much more!
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If you have any questions about our upcoming webinar, please contact us at marketing@wshein.com

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