Two New A-la-Carte Libraries Coming to HeinOnline June 1st!

Miranda Rosati

We are pleased to introduce two new a-la-carte libraries in HeinOnline to expand your international law offerings! History of International Law Collection & Hague Academy of Collected Courses will be available in HeinOnline June 1st, 2011!

History of International Law Collection

More than 500 titles and 550,000 pages dating back to 1690 on subjects such as War & Peace, the Nuremberg Trials, Law of the Sea, International Arbitration, Hague Conferences and Conventions and much more!

This new a-la-carte library contains classic books from famous authors such as Hans Kelsen, Samuel Pufendorf and James Brown Scott.  It also includes significant serials such as the International Law Studies Series [U.S. Naval War College], International Conciliation, Studies in Transnational Legal Policy, and many others.  Furthermore, researchers will find links to scholarly articles discussing the history of international law and a bibliography of other works. View Brochure> | View List of Titles>>

Hague Academy of Collected Courses

The official publications of the Hague Academy now fully searchable in an image-based PDF format.

This collection includes the complete archive of collected courses dating back to their inception in 1923, twelve periodic indexes, plus the official publications from the Workshops organized by the Academy. This new library also includes The Law Books of the Academy, which is a collection of works published by the Centre for Studies and Research that has been of particular interest and originality, and also includes the reports of the Directors of Studies together with the articles by the researchers. View Brochure>>


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