HeinOnline Tip of the Day: Make a MyHein Account

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Miranda Rosati

A MyHein accounts allows you to save your personal research and store it in your own personal account using a username and password. It allows you to:

  • bookmark articles
  • save search queries
  • organize and create your own tags for your bookmarks
  • create eTOC alerts
Creating a MyHein account is simple, click here to view a MyHein User’s Guide.
The newest feature of MyHein is eTOC alerts. You can create eTOC alerts within the Law Journal Library, that will email you every time the titles you select have been updated.  Let’s take a look at how to step these up.

To create an eTOC alert, browse to a title in HeinOnline and click on the Create eTOC Alert link.

When you click that link, you will receive a message indicating that the title has been added to “Title Alerts” in your MyHein account. You will then be emailed every time an update is made to that title. The email will include an electronic table of contents for that title, which will include a direct link to each article referenced in the table of contents.

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