January Content Release

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Miranda Rosati

Below is a snapshot of the January Content Release featured in HeinOnline’s January Newsletter:

  • 32 Libraries Updated
  • Vol. 26 (September 2011) CFR List of Sections Affected added to Federal Register Library
  • 11 volume set General Tax Reform; 6 volume set Investigation of the National Recovery Administration; and 30 volume set Monetary and Central Bank Laws added to the Taxation and Economic Reform in America Library, along with the recently updated and recompiled Legislative History of the United States Tax Conventions
  • American Bankruptcy Reports and Supplement to Digest of the Bankruptcy Decisions added to History of Bankruptcy
  • 8 Kluwer Law International Journals have been updated with the 2008 volume
  • Notable new titles added to the Law Journal Library include: Child and Family Law Quarterly , International Studies Journal , Law Annals from Titu Maiorescu University, National Security and Armed Conflict Law Review , US-China Law Review
  • 75 new titles added to Legal Classics Library including the 5-volume set Digest of English Civil Law by Edward Jenks and Edward Coke’s First Part of the Institvtes of the Laws of England, or, a Commentarie Vpon Littleton: Not the Name of a Lawyer Onely, but of the Law it Selfe (1628)
  • Green’s Encyclopedia of the Law of Scotland, 12 volume 2nd ed. Set from 1909 added to Scottish Legal History Library
  • 3 backfile volumes (vols. 21-23, 1974-1977) added to the DC Register in the Session Laws Library
  • AALL Reference Book and the latest volume (Vol. 30, 2011) of Legal Information Alert added to Spinelli’s Law Librarian’s Reference Shelf
  • Endangered Species Act Amendment of 2003, A Legislative History added to the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
  • Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln added to the U.S. Presidential Library

Click here for a detailed list of new titles and content updates.

Or, click here to download a CSV of the new content added.

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