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Miranda Rosati

We have a citation navigator available for our US Code Library. This citation navigator is found under the “Search” tab from inside the HeinOnline collection.

When selected, this link will bring up the citation navigator, which is very similar to other citation navigators in HeinOnline. 

Simply enter the title number and section number* and select the edition from the dropdown menu.  This will take you to a search results page that will lead you to the citation you are looking for.

*The U.S. Code in HeinOnline is only indexed to the Title level. Therefore, when you insert a section number using this tool and click search, the system will generate a full text search for the section number across the specific title number and edition you specify.

For example, 21 U.S.C. 20 (2006), will generate the following search: title_num:21 AND text:”20″ AND volrefdate:”2006″. Since the search is looking for the term(text) “20” you may get several matching text pages, as it will return every page that contains the term “20” within title 21 from the 2006 edition.

To refine this search, use the Field Search option and add an additional text field to the search query that contains one or multiple key words from the section title. Click here to view a detailed example outlining this strategy.

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