Tip of the Day: How to Email Search Results

Customer Appreciation Week, Tips and Tricks
Miranda Rosati

Here's today's Tip of the Day in honor of Customer Appreciation Week:

Users browsing the database now have the ability to email search results without creating a MyHein Account. Today's tip will go over step by step how do this.

After performing a search in HeinOnline, you will see check boxes next to each result.

Check Boxes

Simply check off the results you would like to email, and scroll to bottom of results where you will see a dropdown menu.


Select "Email Selected Results" from the dropdown menu and click "Save/Email" Complete the form that is then displayed indicating where you want your results sent.

Email form

After you press "Email Results" your results will be sent to the email address you indicated on the form. Each result will be displayed as a link to that publication in HeinOnline, and as long as the receiver of the email has HeinOnline access, they should be able to open and view the results.

Questions? Contact holsupport@wshein.com or 800-277-6995.