Tip of the Day: How to Quickly Search the History of Bills and Resolutions in the Congressional Documents Collection

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Here’s today’s Tip of the Day in honor of Customer Appreciation Week:

If you want to quickly search across the History of Bills and Resolutions from the Congressional Record bound volumes, this tip will illustrate the fastest and most effective way to do so.

From the U.S. Congressional Documents collection home page, under the Resources Tab, there is a Browse option and a link “History of Bills and Resolutions”.

When you click that link, it will generate a complete search for all the History of Bills and Resolutions sections within the Congressional Record bound Volumes and return them in a search results listing.  The left side of the search results will show the date facets, allowing you to easily narrow this list to a targeted date range.  Furthermore, from here, you can use the “Search Within These Results” button at the top to search for a specific bill or resolution within these sections.

For example, we can search within the sections for “S. 593” and limit our search to 2002-2005 by inserting those into the date range fields.  Below is what the search screen would look like with this information.

This returns four results, one result for each bound volume.  Then, you can use the View Matching Text Pages from each result to link to the page(s) within the volume where the bill or resolution appears.



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